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"NCS broadened my horizons and has taught me how to step out of my comfort zone...I am so happy I did it."

NCS participant

"The experience broke down every stereotype of what a disability would be like."

HeadStart participant

"It has been fantastic to give opportunities to young people starting out on the career ladder. We’ve seen them grow as leaders, manage projects and become responsible young adults."

Step Forward employer

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What are the implications of generational divides for our politics and society?


Analysis of the 2017 General Election results has demonstrated that age - rather than socioeconomic background or education - was the key determinant of how one voted. Similarly, recent polling by YouGov demonstrated the stark generational divide in attitudes when it comes to the EU Referendum, and the latest British Social Attitudes Survey shows a similar attitudinal divide between those from different age groups, this time on immigration

Closing the generation gap


What do you picture when you think of social integration?  Like many of us, for me it's people from different ethnicities mixing together.

I feel very at home with people of different races, having lived and worked in Asia and Africa, and with a diverse friendship group including a Welsh-Cambodian husband.  So until recently, I naively thought I was doing pretty well when it came to social mixing.

Why social integration matters to me


Growing up, I didn’t know anybody who looked like me.

We lived in Bristol, which is a fairly diverse city, but it’s also very segregated along socio-economic and ethnic lines. I went to a public school and I was the only girl of colour in my year group.

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