About The Challenge

The Challenge is the UK's leading charity for building a more integrated society. We work on a local level to connect people together across all ages and walks of life.

We are proud to live in a country with a rich mix of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. But instead of valuing our differences, we often let them divide us. We know that many of us feel disconnected from each other and do not understand or trust people who are different from us.

It does not need to be this way.

We believe in communities where people feel at home with each other, no matter their age, income or ethnicity. We believe in building trust between all groups of people in society. We believe differences do not need to divide us. 

NCS with The Challenge

NCS with The Challenge is an intensive three-part programme for 16 and 17 year olds that takes place outside of term time in spring, summer or autumn. The programme involves:

● A stay away from home at an outdoor activity centre
● Developing new skills and meeting new people
● A university style experience living together with your team
● A unique experience to design your own campaigning project
● Gaining a certificate signed by the Prime Minister upon Completion

The Staffing Department

The Staffing Department is responsible for recruiting the temporary staff who help deliver NCS with the Challenge. In 2016, this will amount to over 4,500 seasonal staff working across a number of different roles.

Our staff work in a mixture of residential and community roles. The success of NCS with The Challenge depends heavily on the seasonal staff that work with our young people to motivate and lead them to strengthen their communities.

To find out more about our roles please see our role descriptions in FAQs page and visit the NCSTheChallenge website.