Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

A more integrated society where there is understanding and appreciation of each other's differences.

Our mission

We design and deliver programmes that bring different people together to develop their confidence and skills in understanding and connecting with others.


Why we exist

Over the last fifty years, the UK has become much more diverse by age, ethnicity and income. But despite our growing diversity, many of us spend relatively little time with people from different walks of life. In 2014 and early 2015, we supported The Social Integration Commission, which explored how different groups of people relate to one another in modern Britain. We found that a lack of connectedness affects people from all backgrounds and reaches into every corner of our society.

We think this matters. We believe these divisions make it harder to understand how others tick, harder for those on lower incomes to build the networks they need to get good jobs, harder to stop prejudice from sneaking in, harder to feel at home in our neighbourhoods, harder to remain connected to the community around us as we get older, and harder to vote for the common good.

We also know that, when we do meet people who are different from us, we tend to enjoy it. That's why we work hard to bring people from different backgrounds together on our programmes, and in doing so, increase understanding and connection across our communities.

To find out a bit more about us take a look at our Annual report for 2015-2016



At the core of everything we do as an organisation are our values.

Local – National

  • We maximise our local impact, supported by national influence, efficiencies and scale.
  • We use local knowledge to work with our local communities.
  • We seek opportunities to increase the number of people benefiting from our programmes.
  • We work collaboratively across the organisation to support our colleagues and maximise our efficiency and effectiveness.

Professional – Real

  • We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.
  • We have high standards and take pride in all we do.
  • We learn from our mistakes.
  • We have a warm and approachable culture.

Challenging – Humble

  • We strive for continuous improvement, with understanding and respect for all those we work with.
  • We develop by sharing feedback with colleagues and partners.
  • We look for improvements in what we do and how we do it.
  • We seek, understand and respect other people’s point of view.
  • We trust in each other to make the right decisions for The Challenge to support our mission.