Our vision and mission

Our vision

An integrated society where there is an understanding and appreciation of each other’s differences.

Our mission

We design and deliver programmes that bring different people together to develop their confidence and skills in understanding and connecting with others.

Our five-year aim

To be an independent, sustainable organisation delivering its mission at scale through a balance of activities.

Social mixing in numbers:


of Brits have no friends from a different ethnic background to them


of Britons have at least some contacts in their wider networks they consider to be on a different section of the social ladder

1 in 5

Brits have no friends from a different class background to them

Why we exist

Over the last 50 years, the UK’s population has become much more varied by age, ethnicity and income, but we spend little time with people from different walks of life. This makes it harder to remain connected in our communities.

Lack of social integration costs money

  • Long-term unemployment
    Limited contact with people in work makes unemployment last longer.
  • Recruitment

    Lack of diversity makes it harder for employers to recruit the right talent.
  • Community health and well-being

    Lack of mixing in communities increase anxiety and ill-health.

We also know that when we do meet people who are different from us, we tend to enjoy it. We build new friendships and networks, and often discover that our similarities are far greater than our differences.

The Challenge believes that stronger, more trusting communities are at the heart of successful, thriving societies, and that we all have a part to play in building them.

Our All Together Now report explains more about why social mixing matters, how we are creating a more integrated society, and the key ingredients for successful social mixing.

Go to our policy page to find out more about how segregated we are in the UK, and what we’re doing to address this.