The Challenge — People

Our people and governance

We are the leading charity for building a more integrated society – this wouldn’t be possible without our board or directors, leadership team or the 650+ full-time staff we employ.

We value every one of our employees and the teams dedicated to helping us achieve our vision of creating a more integrated society.

Meet some of our team below, or you can find out more about our governance.

  • Bill Ronald

  • Oliver Lee OBE

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Lois Tackie-Oblie

    Associate solicitor
  • Justine Carter

    Sales assistant
  • Ed Curry

    Outreach programmes manager
  • Dave Gore

    Programme manager
  • James Chave

    Sales manager
  • Femi Awoyemi

    Programme associate manager
  • Whitney Papa

    HeadStart marketing manager
  • Cindy Khalfa

    Learning behaviour specialist