The Challenge — Employees

  1. Lois Tackie-Oblie

    Associate solicitor
  2. Justine carter

    Justine Carter

    Sales assistant
  3. A professional portrait photo of Ed smiling

    Ed Curry

    Outreach programmes manager
  4. A photo of Dave with trees and a river behind him

    Dave Gore

    Programme manager
  5. Image of a man, James Chave, standing in a auditorium

    James Chave

    Sales manager
  6. A professional portrait photo of Femi smiling

    Femi Awoyemi

    Programme associate manager
  7. A photo of Whitney smiling in a library

    Whitney Papa

    HeadStart marketing manager
  8. A selfie of Cindy

    Cindy Khalfa

    Learning behaviour specialist
  9. An image of Bethany

    Bethany James

    NCS mentor
  10. A professional picture of Tim smiling with a white background

    Tim Bevans

    Head of safeguarding, quality and compliance