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James Chave

Sales manager

An interview with James Chave

We caught up with London sales manager James Chave. James describes his focus, which is to ensure more young people across the London area access the National Citizen Service programme. Here he chats about his work, his team and his approach to life.

A typical working day is…

“My role means that I’m either at events with my team or anxiously waiting for them to come back from events so that we can catch up on how it all went.

We usually chat immediately afterwards and discuss everything. We celebrate success and are very analytical – one of our principles is to never make the same mistake twice! We also have a lot of fun and get on well, which I think the young people pick up on.”

My favourite thing about my job is…

“I’m lucky enough to work with an amazing team in south-east London, and I’ve had so many inspiring colleagues during my five years here. I believe you learn new things from everybody you work with and it’s refreshing in our organisation that people let their real personalities shine through and can truly be themselves at work.

When I first started at The Challenge I was less confident in my work skills and lacking direction. I got development support and began to realise I had a range of skills that I could put to good use. Now that I work in management I love helping people in the way I was helped. I’m passionate about finding out what people are good at, developing their skills and building their confidence.”

The most challenging thing about my job is…

“I think it’s the endless possibilities. There’s always another call to make or an event we could run, and there are so many strategies we could try out. Choosing a plan and delivering it well is essential but not easy!”

When I’m not working…

“I have really standard hobbies like watching football, reading and visiting art galleries. I’m also trying to cook more – I’m quite pleased with the results but I usually make a massive mess!”

My favourite quote is…

“I don’t have one particular quote but my guiding principle is that if you invest in developing people they will inevitably thrive. I really believe you get a long way by looking for the positive in people.”

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