Justine carter

Justine Carter

Sales assistant

An interview with Justine Carter

Justine works as a sales calling agent, based in the Manchester office. She took on her role with us after experiencing the benefits of the NCS programme herself – and she now encourages young people to take on the challenge!

A typical working day is…

“Before we making calls, we start the day with a team huddle to help us focus and reach our daily and weekly targets.

It’s really important when making calls to feel and sound upbeat – you need to ‘smile while you dial’. People can hear the smile in your voice and it sets the tone.

The calls range from welcome calls to going through application details and completing medicals, so I am speaking with parents and guardians, as well as the applicants themselves. I find that talking to young people and telling them about my own experience helps. I understand their perspective having been in their position when I was their age.”

My favourite thing about my job is…

“The positivity of the team and throughout the office. I am very lucky – I work with an amazing team!”

The thing I find most challenging about my job is…

“It’s important to overcome negativity, as there are parents or guardians who don’t understand the reason for the call. Rather than appreciating that this is a life-enriching experience for their young person to enjoy, they think there’s a catch! But that rejection is something that we have to work through. It’s important to keep moving and keep smiling, otherwise, it could affect your next call or your day.”

When I’m not working…

“I enjoy all the normal things, but I also really enjoy editing videos and photos. It’s a great side-project.”

My favourite quote is…

“’If we do not adventure, we only see one page’. I’ve travelled around Europe and my next trip is to Amsterdam. I love travelling!”

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