Lois Tackie-Oblie

Associate solicitor

An interview with Lois Tackie-Oblie

Lois Tackie-Oblie joined The Challenge’s legal team two years ago as an associate solicitor. After three years working in private practice, Lois qualified as a solicitor in June 2016 and decided to move to her current role at The Challenge. She’s been a key part of our in-house legal team ever since.

A typical working day is…

“As a team, we advise on commercial transactions across the business units, such as drawing up contracts or putting together legal documents. We also provide a compliance function, for example working on ensuring we keep to the data protection laws that everyone is now very familiar with! There is also company secretarial work to make sure we meet our legal obligations as a charity and a company. This role has quite a heavy commercial focus, from following what is happening on our programmes, to securing contracts and providing guidance and advice across teams.

My favourite thing about my job is…

I really enjoy working in an organisation where there are so many different things going on. It’s a big change to work in an environment where I am no longer surrounded by other lawyers! This role is about understanding how an organisation works and all the different things that bring it together, it’s a collaboration. While there are some elements of private practice that I miss, I don’t miss the billing and the targets. This role allows me to focus purely on delivering safe practice with a 100%  focus on charity.

If anyone is thinking about studying law, I would definitely encourage them to do it. It’s so varied and you can find a career path to suit your skills and strengths. There are so many different areas of law to work in and it can take you in directions that you never imagined. It does take a long time and the path to qualifying can involve rejection, but I wouldn’t let that put you off!

The thing I find most challenging about my job is…

It’s pretty fast-paced and at times it can be challenging to keep up – a project can change or have a new direction or new elements are brought in. For me, it’s about thinking creatively about what can be done to progress projects while remaining legally sound.

When I’m not working…

I love hanging out with my friends. I’m a big foodie – I love eating! I’m also active in my church helping the young kids and soon I will be working with the student team. I love singing and I also dabble in a band. I also love the theatre and West End shows – I recently saw Hamilton which was incredible!

My favourite quote is…

I’m not sure I have a favourite quote but I do want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my second favourite lawyer of all time (after The Challenge’s head of legal Will Parsloe – of course!) Atticus Finch, from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird novel. I’ll leave you with a quote from him:

‘You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.’

What a legend!

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