The Challenge — People

  • An image of Bethany

    Bethany James

    NCS mentor
  • A professional picture of Tim smiling with a white background

    Tim Bevans

    Head of safeguarding, quality and compliance
  • A selfie of Naomi while in an office

    Naomi Harding

    Relationship manager
  • A selfie of Teean smiling

    Teean Smith-Robinson

    Headstart programme manager
  • A picture of Del smiling

    Delyth Bowen

    Head of communications
  • A picture of Richard Wilson smiling

    Richard Wilson

  • A picture of Michelle Cummins smiling

    Michelle Cummins

  • A picture of Martin Doel CBE smiling

    Martin Doel CBE

  • A picture of Jenny Ashmore smiling

    Jenny Ashmore

  • A picture of Christine Davies smiling

    Christine Davies CBE