The Challenge helped Dani find her passion.

Danielle is from Northfield and took part in The Challenge in Birmingham in 2010. Like all Challengers, Dani spent the first week of the programme bonding with a highly diverse team through physical activity – climbing, abseiling, and canoeing.

During the second week Dani’s team were challenged to learn new skills in sport and to use these skills to interact with younger children, helping to break down cross generational preconceptions, and to build trust, understanding and responsibility in the local community.

Dani’s team continued to work with young children during the Real Challenge, this time with KIDS charity, which helps disabled children. The stories told by staff brought Dani to tears. She had not interacted with disabled young people prior to this visit and therefore was not aware of the struggles many go through or the support they need.

The team returned from the visit and prepared a powerful presentation about the charity, winning £100 for KIDS as a result. For their Real Challenge Project the team then decided to put on a football tournament in the community to raise awareness about the work KIDS does and to fundraise for the charity. At the event the team fundraised a further £140 for KIDS.

At the end of The Challenge programme, Dani attended a recruiting event where multiple organisations, ranging from local community groups to national charities, advertise opportunities to the new Challenge graduates. Dani’s experience with the disabled children inspired her to do more to help, and she signed up to volunteer with KIDS. To this day, Dani works with disabled young people every weekend, continuing to raise awareness and increase engagement of disabled young people in her community and society as a whole.

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