Alumni programme

We have kicked off the programme for our alumni – both young people who have successfully completed The Challenge (graduates) and their mentors.

Completing a summer with The Challenge Network is just the beginning. Graduates are invited to join The Challenge Society, a free and exciting membership organisation exclusive to Challenge graduates.

Graduates can gain access to membership benefits by volunteering or participating with an organisation of their choice for 24 hours or by developing their Real Challenge project further.

Through The Challenge Society graduates will be offered the chance to get back together, along with further opportunities:

  • Workshops in CV writing, interviewing, money management
  • Participation or leadership in the programmes of partner charities
  • Introduction to apprenticeship and development programmes
  • Shadowing business or community leaders
  • Training opportunities e.g. the opportunity to become a Challenge Young Advisor
  • Helping select mentors to work for The Challenge in 2011 on the selection weekend
  • Helping spread the word about The Challenge.

If graduates go beyond 24 hours and complete 48 hours with their chosen organisation/s:

  • They will receive the prestigious ‘Challenge with Distinction’ award
  • They will be invited to take on the Associate Mentor role next summer and get on track to earn money with The Challenge in future years.

If you are a graduates and have missed out on the opportunity to sign up to The Challenge Society at the Milkround event, you can still get involved by emailing [email protected].

We’ll be working with our graduates and mentors to identify even more ways that they can stay in touch, stay engaged and keep growing!

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