Monday, 25 March 2013

Where do people from different backgrounds mix in your community?

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A recent study has revealed that Britain is divided at a local level, with social divides being most common within communities. The study found that despite living on neighbouring streets, residents live separate lives due to the income gap between them.

An article published in yesterday’s Sunday Times featured the following quote by a resident who lives in a divided area:

“There is no sense of community between us and the big houses in Carpenter Road. But that isn’t down to any ill-feeling between residents. It is just that there is nowhere for us to mix.”

NCS provides an opportunity for local young people to mix, regardless of their parents’ income bracket. Young people also mix with members of their community they wouldn’t usually come into contact with, including elderly residents with dementia, victims of domestic violence and adults with learning difficulties.

Where do people from different backgrounds mix in your community? 

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