Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Why can’t everyone just be like me?

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The UK always been a diverse country. A mix of ages, professions, incomes and interests. We are now also an ethnically diverse country – by 2030, a third of people will be non-white.

That doesn’t mean that we need to be a divided country. It does need  we neet to work to bring people together.

But coming together doesn’t mean becoming ‘the same’. We want 80 year olds and 20 year olds to come together in their local community and find shared interests. This doesn’t mean we want them to both become 40 year olds.

It is equally as odd to suggest that migrant groups should lose their existing identity and become
just like the majority. What we need if space for migrants to share their interests with the majority – and vice versa. To use an example: an American coming to the UK does not need to lose a passion for Pumpkin pie, but they should be ready to share this passion with others.

In bringing the country together, we should concentrate less on getting people to become the same, and more on ensuring there is space where people can share their differences with each other.

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