Friday, 05 April 2013

What happens when you look up?

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I like looking down.  I like iPhones and laptops, Kindles and newspapers, typing texts, writing emails, downloading and uploading. But how often do we forget to look up and outward?

Working at The Challenge Network, I am constantly surprised how easy it can be to be a connector in any community when you start taking part, when you ask people questions and when you are willing to talk.

When I do all these things, I’m struck by the kindness, generosity and willingness of others to reciprocate.  I’m struck by our local partners who say ‘yes’ to working with us and then work with such enthusiasm. I’m surprised by what can be done together when we take an active interest in making the community stronger; when we stop looking down and start looking up.

So how can we make this a more comfortable thing to do?

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