Friday, 03 May 2013

What does ‘bringing people together’ mean to you?

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The UK is on track to be the most ethnically diverse country in Europe by 2050. During the same time period, the UK population will also become much more diverse by age (more and more of us will be either teenagers or pensioners) and income (the gap between the rich and poor is growing again).

At The Challenge Network, we believe that a diverse country doesn’t need to be a divided one. That’s why we create fun ways of bringing people from different walks of life together. Some people call that ‘community’. We don’t mind what you call it – but can you picture it.

One of my colleagues was asked the other day what he pictured.  He said this:

“I think of snowday. Do you remember? That day four years ago when – almost out of nowhere – it snowed so hard that no-one could go to work. I went out to the park and there was everyone else. And in place of our differences, we all suddenly had one massive thing in common  – we were all out enjoying the snow. We talked, we said hello, we laughed and shared our amazement. For that day, we felt like a community.”

That’s what he pictures. What about you?
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