Thursday, 16 May 2013

Can you trust a Man Utd fan?

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You’re walking home along an almost empty street. There’s only one person in sight. Suddenly they trip and fall over.  Do you go over and help them up?


A few years ago, scientists in Manchester ran some tests. Setting up near a group of Manchester United fans waiting for a game,  they  arranged for a volunteer to fall over whenever a fan was passing by.  They wanted to know how many of the passing fans would stop to help the fallen volunteer to their feet.  What do you think?

The answer was one in three stopped.  33% helped the fallen volunteer up.

Then the scientists had an idea. What if they put the fallen volunteer in Man Utd shirt?  The result? 92% stopped to help the volunteer. That’s an amazing difference.

What this shows is that when people feel they have something in common they are more likely to help. That’s why – in a country that is becoming more diverse by age, income and ethnicity – The Challenge Network works to help people find what they have in common.

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