Sunday, 20 January 2013

I bet the boss of Tesco’s knows the price of milk

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Last year, before being surrounded by bugs in the jungle, Nadine Dorris MP hit the headlines by calling the Prime Minister and the Chancellor, “two posh boys who don’t know the price of milk”.

Does it really matter if we do or don’t know the price of milk?

Here’s a bet for you.  I bet the boss of Tesco’s knows the price of milk.  And the price of jam, and turkey twizzlers and those delicious own-brand mince pies I ate lots of over Christmas.

So what?

What matters isn’t whether you know the price of milk.
What matters is whether you know what it feels like for that price to be out of reach.

What matters is that we live in a country where one in five can’t afford school meals, and four in five can’t imagine what that feels like.

We’re not going to fix that by learning prices by rote.  We won’t fix that until each of the 4 in 5 has a friend in the 1 in 5. 

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