The Social Integration Commission has published its first report, ‘How integrated is modern Britain?’. Co-funded by The Challenge and British Gas, the Commission is a major independent national enquiry into key questions related to the UK’s increasing diversity.

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The Mirror, 30/06/14

Analysis of the key findings of the Social Integration Commission’s first report, ‘How integrated is modern Britain?’


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The Times’ Social Affairs Correspondent, Rosemary Bennett, focuses on a key finding in a report produced by the Social Integration Commission, that Britons are largely socialising with people like themselves. The report also found that Britain’s white population mixes less with people from different ethnic groups than than would be expected. 

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The Telegraph, 29/06/14

Decades of efforts to promote multiculturalism have gone into reverse, major new research showing teenagers are no more likely to mix with people from other racial backgrounds than those 40 years older suggests.

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Sunday, 29 June 2014 00:00

Britain’s melting pot goes off boil

The Sunday Times’ Kevin Dowling and Nicholas Hellen explore the relationship between increasing diversity and social isolation, in some of Britian’s biggest cities. The article highlights the Social Integration Commission’s key findings in London, particularly relating to interactions between different ethnicities. 

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Today, The Mayor of London is hosting an event at City Hall to mark the 30th anniversary of National Volunteers’ Week and to launch the HeadStart London scheme. He will be joined by speakers Martine Wright, Paralympian and Team London Champion, and Peter Cheese, CEO Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD).

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