A few years ago, scientists in Manchester ran an unusual experiment. Setting up near a group of Manchester United fans waiting for a game,  they  arranged for a volunteer wearing a Manchester United shirt to fall over whenever a fan was passing by.  They counted how many times the fan…
My friends’ daughter was getting christened on Sunday, so we went to visit their church. The service started with a song. We all stood up and sung. Well – everyone else did. I was taking a photo of the band.
Thursday, 16 May 2013

Can you trust a Man Utd fan?

You’re walking home along an almost empty street. There’s only one person in sight. Suddenly they trip and fall over.  Do you go over and help them up?
Tuesday, 14 May 2013

What tribe are you from?

Five  years ago there was a lot of violence in Kenya. More than 1000 people died. You might know this because it was on the news. I know this because I was living there.
Do you ever buy a newspaper?  If so, which one?
Wednesday, 08 May 2013

You can’t change the world

I don’t mean to be a downer, but you can’t. Let’s start with the Maths. There’s 6 billion people in the world. Assuming you live to 70, you’ll be on this earth for 2 billion seconds. So that’s changing 3 lives every second (assuming you don’t sleep).
The UK is on track to be the most ethnically diverse country in Europe by 2050. During the same time period, the UK population will also become much more diverse by age (more and more of us will be either teenagers or pensioners) and income (the gap between the rich…
Got a hedge? Where do you keep your hedgetrimmer? Sam Stephens keeps his in his neighbour’s house round the corner. And the stepladder to help reach the top of the hedge? Sam keeps that in another neighbour’s house in the next street along.
More than discomfort with strange sights, sounds and smells … culture shock arises from not knowing the rules and nuances of everyday interaction. When you’re with people you’re similar to, a good guess can be made at how they will react to a joke, a hug, or a complaint. Thrown into…
The Challenge Network exists to bring people together.  We think it matters that people in the UK trust each other less than any other country in Europe.  The irony is that lots of us have ideas for how to bring people together.  But not all of us act on them.
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