South London and Surrey

Have we visited your school or local youth club yet? Here’s a bit more information about our hardworking and enthusiastic staff who work in East London:


Angela is originally from Belfast so she has a funny accent. She loves Indie and Alternative music and spends lots of times downloading new tunes for her iPod! She’s into sport and loves watching and playing football. She enjoys adventure and spent 2010 travelling Asia, Australia and New Zealand!


Daniel loves playing physical sports (it’s one of his many talents) and plays American Football professionally in London. He has a passion for working with young people, and loves to rap. He wants to ask you a question. “When did you fall in love with hip-hop?”


Giannina is originally from Brighton and in her spare time she enjoys keeping fit, cooking and gossiping. She also enjoys travelling when she can and spent 10 weeks volunteering  in Costa Rica and Nicaragua – which included a short stint living in the rainforest! She is one of the longest serving members of The Challenge team! 



Hannah is new to The Challenge this year. She likes to travel and has spent time (and volunteered) in South Africa, Tanzania and Malawi, which she loved. In her spare time she enjoys reading, baking and yoga (though not at the same time). She loves cats and has a very cuddly one called Tigger. 


Javayria is a History graduate obsessed with anything African and South Asian. She lives on a diet of ketchup and Ribena (basically her two staples). She has a totally healthy, but massively geeky, map collection, collecting them from wherever she travels in the world. Outside of work Javayria loves music, loves gigs and loves museums. 


Steve is originally from Tunbridge Wells but has also lived in Manchester, Dublin, Texas and last year spent a year teaching English in Paraguay. He loves music, Latin America, politics, travelling, speaking Spanish and food (all types, though Indian is definitely his favourite)!

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