Thursday, 07 March 2013

Heard the one about the Englishman, the Pole and the Hungarian?

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An Englishman and Pole meet. In fact they go on National Citizen Service run by The Challenge Network.

Through the intense shared experiences, they build a bond of trust.

As a result, the Englishman’s trust in all Poles grows. As does the Pole’s trust in all Englishmen.

It gets better. The Englishman tells his English friends about the experience. They start to trust Poles more. The Poles tells his Polish friends and they start to trust the English more.

What about the Hungarian?

Well – here’s the amazing bit – work by Oxford Professor Miles Hewstone* shows that the Poles and the English start to trust other ethnic groups more (including Hungarians) who weren’t even part of the experience.

Just another reason why we at The Challenge Network believe in bringing people together from different backgrounds.

* For more on Miles Hewstone’s work, try this engaging talk:

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