Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Challenge now in full swing

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Our summer programme has got off to a flying start. Over 1,500 young people have already completed the first elements of the four part programme, with 3,000 currently on the programme and another 5,000 signed up and ready to take part.

Undeterred by the wet weather, participants have battled the elements during their week at an outdoor activity centre, run skills workshops with over 120 community partners and planned over 200 fundraising and social action projects they will carry out in September.

We survey young people throughout the programme to track programme impact. The results received so far have been very encouraging: 87% agree or strongly agree that they are more trusting of others and 83% report feeling more responsible for making a difference in their local community.

We especially love receiving stories from the ground. Community partner High Meadow Care Home were visited by a team of participants and said “Thank you for coming to us with this amazing group of children. They interacted straight away with the residents, smiled and were courteous. They very quickly got used to the environment and stepped up to the challenge”. After visiting a charity called Support for Living in Ealing, 16 year old participant Joshua Conyard stated “I really enjoyed today. I learned a lot about people with special needs. Yesterday when we first met the people I was really out of my comfort zone because I’d never done anything like that before. Today it was great!”

In this edition, we bring you programme updates, spotlight some of our community partners, announce our new youth trustees and report recent media activity.

Craig Morley, Chief Executive

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