Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The state of our roads

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Recently, a lot has been said about the poor state of Britain’s roads, with over a third of drivers rating the condition of their local roads as poor, very poor or terrible.*

The interesting thing about roads is that we all notice when they are damaged, but very few of us get excited about road building and maintenance: it’s hard to get passionate about that.

Over the last few decades the social pathways of this country have been neglected. The groups, activities and institutions that bring different people together have either fallen away or are no longer fit for purpose. We have all noticed the results (weaker communities, lower levels of trust etc) but little has been done about it. People just aren’t passionate about building roads.

Luckily, at The Challenge Network, that is exactly what we are about- building and strengthening the social pathways that bring people from different backgrounds together.  The source of our passion is simple, it does not come from the act of road building (which is not always exciting), but the glimpses of the destination we get along the way.

So for all of you who are in need of some inspiration, this is the kind of place where we are headed:


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