Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Can we afford to invest in bringing people together? (Part 2)

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Answer: It’s not about money, it’s about determination.

Imagine throwing a party for 10 people just like you. Now imagine throwing another party for 10 people of different ages, incomes and backgrounds. The party will probably feel different, with a different mix of foods and conversation. But does it actually need to cost more?

Bringing people together doesnt require much money. In fact it obly needs two things: places and spaces where people meet; and determination to make these
used by all groups in society.

The places and spaces we have: look at our thousands of schools, doctors surgeries, clubs and societies. Its the determination that we lack. The determination to design these places and spaces so they appeal to all: rich and poor, Asians and whites, old and young.

Determination means hard work, creativity and focus. But it’s not the same as money.

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