Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fancy having eight million people for lunch?

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The Challenge Network exists to bring people together.  We think it matters that people in the UK trust each other less than any other country in Europe.  The irony is that lots of us have ideas for how to bring people together.  But not all of us act on them.


A few years ago, some guys in Cornwall had a very simple idea for bringing people together.  They asked what it would be like if one day a year we all had lunch with our neighbours?  They called their idea the Big Lunch.  And they acted on it.

That was in 2009.  Four years later, over 8 million people took part in Big Lunches. 

There’s two things to ask yourself when you read this story:

1. Why haven’t I been part of a Big Lunch yet?  (if you’re asking this – click to host one)

2. Why haven’t I acted on my idea for bringing people together?  (If you’re asking this – go for it … and let us know what happens!)

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