Thursday, 02 May 2013

Why buy on eBay when you can borrow on Streetbank?

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Got a hedge? Where do you keep your hedgetrimmer? Sam Stephens keeps his in his neighbour’s house round the corner. And the stepladder to help reach the top of the hedge? Sam keeps that in another neighbour’s house in the next street along.

Not that the hedgetrimmer or stepladder belong to Sam. They belong to his neighbours who lend them to him. Or anyone else who wants to borrow them.

This all started in 2010 when Sam realised how much better life would be if neighbours shared. Why buy three hedgetrimmers when you can share one? And so Sam set up – a website that makes it easy to share and borrow from your neighbours. It now has almost 20,000 members.

Best of all, it’s not just a great way to save us all money, it’s also a great way to bring local people together.  Which is why we at The Challenge Network love it.

So – what are you going to borrow first?

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