Monday, 20 May 2013

Why non-churchgoers should worry about the decline of churches

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My friends’ daughter was getting christened on Sunday, so we went to visit their church. The service started with a song. We all stood up and sung. Well – everyone else did. I was taking a photo of the band.


Black, white, Asian. Old and young. The band were as mixed as the local community.

I looked around the church and saw a congregation equally mixed. Nigerians wearing traditional Sunday clothes, grandmothers sitting while others stood, young kids of all ethnicities playing.

Churches are often thought of as being non-mixed – surely they’re full of only Christians. But what struck me on Sunday was how under that one unifying factor, people from all ages, incomes and ethnicities were coming together. Which raises a difficult question, if our places of worship continue to decline – what will replace them as spaces that bring all parts of the community together?

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