Monday, 20 May 2013

Young people awarded for their contributions to community and citizenship.

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For the second year running, Walsall’s council has held a Young People’s award ceremony, celebrating a range of well-deserved accomplishments. We are pleased to announce that Alex Lemord, a graduate of The Challenge programme, came away with the ‘Young Person of the Year’ award for Community and Citizenship.

Seventeen year old Alex Lemord has played an active role in tackling pressing issues within his community. He has been a member of Walsall’s Youth Parliament where he led an anti-bullying campaign, worked alongside the local police to tackle anti-social behaviour and campaigned to change bus fees for under 18s.

Alex Lemord “The award is evidence of the impact The Challenge programme had on me. I have continued to get involved with various projects in my local area and I am really pleased that my efforts have been recognised through this award”.

Olivia Joyce was also nominated for her contributions to her local community. She was shortlisted among the list of finalists and narrowly missed out on an award.

This year a total of 131 young people were nominated for eight different categories and attended the packed Walsall College on 2 May, along with proud friends and family. The judging panel was made up of representatives from the community, council and police service.

Assistant Programme Manager, Vicky Harold, nominated the two candidates, describing them as ‘shining examples of what The Challenge Network stands for’. Both graduates have attended all Youth Board meetings and played a pivotal role in designing large scale social action days for their peers.

We are proud to see our young people awarded for their hard work and achievements.

Alex and Olivia

Olivia Joyce and Alex Lemord 

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