Thursday, 30 May 2013

Can Skateboarding help Afghanistan?

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The UK is facing  real challenges. With debt growing and unemployment rising, surely this is a time for seriousness. For countries with serious problems need serious solutions.

A story from Afghanistan would suggest otherwise. It is a story about skateboarding.

Skateistan is a charity that runs skateboarding competitions to unite Afghans.

Absurd right? How can pushing yourself around on a plank of wood on four wheels possibly do that.

The answer is a simple one. Because it’s fun.

Skateboarding is fun, it captures imaginations, brings people together and provides a shared experience from which other opportunities arise.

Indeed out of the diverse community that skateboarding has built, the charity has created opportunities for cross cultural interaction, provided education, and ran personal empowerment programmes.

The skateboarding is simply the glue that draws people together and gets everything else started. It’s the fun that makes the serious business possible.

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