Wednesday, 05 June 2013

Struggling to go to the gym?

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You know what it’s like. You promised you’d go to the gym tonight but it’s been a long day, that new series is on the telly and besides you could always go tomorrow. Although that is what you said yesterday …

 If this is a familiar story, you may need ‘The Good Gym’.

Instead of paying to join a gym, you simply commit to going for a run once a week instead. But to make sure you make your run, ‘The Good Gym’ pairs you up with an elderly local resident who has been promised that you’d visit. In fact they’ve been promised that you’ll visit once a week. And they have been selected for you as their house is the exact distance you want to run from your home.

Which all means on a Monday evening when your will-power is evaporating, you end up running anyway because someone’s waiting to see you.

The Good Gym: keeping people fit and bringing them together since 2011.

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