Thursday, 31 May 2012

Graduates in action

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Since January,Challenge graduates have formed over 13 Community Action Teams. Community action teams are social action projects led by graduates passionate about tackling a specific issue within their local area. Teams receive training and support from O2 and our year round graduate programme, The Challenge Society, to help turn their ideas into reality.

Challenge graduates have carried out a number of projects, tackling issues which range from community regeneration to youth democracy. A team entitled Haven Media Club delivered animation and media workshops in Quinton, Birmingham, as a way to encourage 10 year olds to use their local youth centre, whilst also teaching them new skills.

Another West Midlands team created a campaign to raise awareness of and funds for a local charity called Seven Up, a group of Handsworth families who promote inclusive play and learning opportunities for children with additional needs.

A massive well done to all graduates making a difference in their local community.

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