Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Graduate campaign attracts international interest

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2011 Challenge graduate, Meg Kneafsey, has received international interest in a facebook campaign entitled ‘I amTherefore’. ‘IamTherefore’ is a photography based campaign aimed at challenging misconceptions and stereotypes through photography.

The campaign has received support from all over the world and submissions from Germany, Australia, India and France. It has especially resonated with women in India, where victims of sexual abuse have used it as a platform to share their experiences.

The campaign has received local media coverage in Bolton News and Meg recently had the opportunity to showcase her work as part of an exhibition at London’s Graffik Gallery. Meg has also received funding from O2 Think Big to turn this into an official community action project.

Meg stated “I feel honoured and humbled by the interest the campaign has received. I think the campaign has received a lot of interest because people like being in a community that is free from judgment and that is what this campaign provides, as well as the chance to get your voice heard, which is quite difficult when you speak out on your own.”

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