Monday, 28 January 2013

So, Old and Young People Don’t Meet Any More – Who Cares?

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“I know you’re worried that people from different generations don’t really meet any more.”

“That’s right”

“But you must see there are more important things.”


“Well the deficit for starters.”

“Agreed. Very important, the deficit.”

“Why are you smiling like that?”

“Well, the deficit. You know that means money older generations borrow today that younger generations pay back.”


“Well – that’s what the deficit is. It’s money we (older generations) borrow now. That someone else (our kids) pays back later.”

“Ok. But it’s not just the deficit. What about education?”

“Good one. Education. The amount the older generation spend on training the younger generation.

“Right … Well pensions then.”

“You mean the amount older generations get when they retire – paid for by younger generations.

“Ok. But, but … How about the environment?”

“You mean the resources older generations use up or preserve for later generations.

“Hmmph. I think we should stop meeting.”

“Like I said, that’s the thing I’m worried about.” 

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