Thursday, 21 February 2013

Who’s ‘not your type of people’

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About 4 years ago, David Cameron told Desert Island Discs that his favourite band was ‘The Smiths’.

Yesterday, Jonny Marr, one of the founding members of the band was on the radio. He made clear he didn’t like the PM’s politics very much and then said a rather odd thing, “He shouldn’t like us because we’re not his type of people.”

“Not his type of people”.

I wonder what type he meant? Too rich (though Johnny Marr can’t be without a bob or two)? Too privileged? Too Tory?

Doing something about Divided Britain means stopping us thinking about others being ‘not my type of people’.

What might that mean for you? If you’re honest, who are “not your type of people?”.  And what would it take to stop thinking of them in this way?

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