Grant from the Big Lottery Fund

On September 20th the Big Lottery announced a £15.3m investment in various life changing projects for young people, including organisations working with young offenders and youth involved in gangs, organisations providing various support services to young people, offering professional development and community engagement opportunities. A total of 58 organisations, including The Challenge Network, have received grants from the Big Lottery Fund to support these projects as part of Big Lottery’s Reaching Communities programme.

The Challenge has received a £170,000 grant which will contribute to the costs of the Real Challenge in 2011 and 2012. Specifically, the funding will cover the recruitment and remuneration of Team Mentors who support young people through the Real Challenge, and Logistics and Event Officers who deliver this part of the programme, as well as supporting the venue and overhead costs associated with the Real Challenge.

The Real Challenge is the final part of the programme, in which teams of young people are tasked with designing a fundraising event for a charity and a campaign to address a local issue. After pitching their ideas to a panel of judges, teams receive feedback and funding and over four weekends in the autumn they go on to deliver these projects, along with two other social impact events designed by The Challenge alongside local organisations. It is in this part of the programme that young people have the chance to show off their skills, and make a real difference in their communities.

We are delighted that the Big Lottery has decided to support this great opportunity for young people to engage in and with their communities, and showcase the positive impact they can have!

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