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“We were blown away with the calibre and work ethic of some of the applicants”
HR Business Partner, New Look

HeadStart London has been designed in collaboration with leading FTSE 100 employers to give young people the chance to develop the skills relevant to their business, including a strong work ethic, interpersonal and communication skills and confidence.

“It seems that those with the most volunteering experience have the best work ethic and there were some quite humbling experiences from the day – one individual had supported a mother telling her daughter she had HIV through a series of pictures to help her daughter understand this at just 16 puts things into perspective. There were others that had arranged large scale charity events with impressive results. “
HR Business Partner, New Look

In partnership with the Mayor’s office, we are now inviting 8 thought leading businesses to champion their industry to make over 5,000 young people more employable and inspire over 60,000 hours of community volunteering across London. Our corporate partners and their employees will play a key role in helping drive significant benefits for young people and communities across the capital.

“The young people that we interviewed exceeded our expectations in terms of their enthusiasm, passion and readiness to join the workplace. It was a pleasure to be able to contribute to the Headstart programme!”
Matt Simmons, Talent and Business Partner, Starbucks Coffee Company

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