HeadStart for Parents & Guardians

HeadStart London is an exciting, unique opportunity for 16-18 year olds to gain new skills whilst giving something back to the local community. The programme will support your child to find an exciting and valuable volunteering opportunity in their local community, engage them in quality skills development workshops delivered by leading professionals in their field such as AGL Education, and then offer a guaranteed job interview for a part-time or seasonal job with a leading employer, such as Starbucks or New Look.

 Why encourage your child to get involved?

All young people completing HeadStart will receive:

  • An interview for a part-time or seasonal job with a global employer.
  • Employability training and communications coaching used by FSTE 100 business leaders.
  • Support to find a quality, engaging volunteering placement in their local area.
  • A certificate signed by the Mayor of London acknowledging their volunteering efforts.
  • An invitation to an exclusive City Hall Careers Evening with leading companies to support them in making informed choices about their futures.

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