Autism Trust

Autism Trust

The Autism Trust is a vocational training & support centre for individuals with autism & families.

Autism Trust

Local issue project addresses:

Closing of services for disabled/those with higher learning needs means not everyone is able to access the necessary support/education – helps prevent unemployment due to a disability, gives individuals vital training and confidence.

Brief description (of the partner)

The objective of the Trust is to create a future with the purpose of young adults with autism everywhere.

What happened on the visit?

For their volunteer day, the team helped the service users host a volunteer appreciation tea party for the volunteers who work with the Trust. After sourcing cakes and sweet treats as donations, they worked with the service users to make decorations, sandwiches & goodie bags (etc).

The team were very thorough in their thinking of the staff, even buying a present for the Trust’s manager – which she was completely surprised (and very touched) by.

Why was it a successful visit for young people?

The young people learnt a lot about autism through directly working with individuals with autism and different abilities. It gave them the chance to take on leadership roles, learning how to support others and help give direction when needed. They had to work effectively as a team to distribute tasks, displaying skilled communication. It gave them insight into the workings of a charity and demonstrated the positive impact of volunteering.

The volunteers at the event were extremely impressed with the team and many commented on how well they worked together and how respectful they were of the service users.

Most importantly, they completed an effective social action day and everyone really enjoyed the day.

Why was it a successful visit for the partner?

The partner has worked with us for several years as our mission of diversity & inclusion harmonizes closely with their own principles. The charity was very impressed by the team’s hard work and dedication, praising the interest they showed in the charity’s work and their desire to contribute to the charity through their social action project.

The project was a great chance for the service users to practice the vocational skills they’d been learning, i.e. making tea and coffee and putting on the afternoon tea ‘service’. This was, in itself, extremely rewarding for the volunteers who saw the positive impact their dedicated work has on the service users. The volunteers were also rewarded in the sense of being directly thanked by both the service users and the charity itself. The charity benefited as they had wanted to give something back to their volunteers to thank them for their hard work but didn’t have the capacity, resources or time to do this themselves.

The Trust is also extremely grateful for the team’s fundraising as it means they can finally afford to buy the signage they’ve needed for a while but didn’t have the funds to spare. This should have a positive spin effect of attracting more people into their charity shop and letting more people know about the services they provide.

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