East London Business Alliance (ELBA)

The ELBA Team have found The Challenge to be both extremely efficient and highly diligent in their approach to running the NCS programme.

Jonathan Tait Programme Manager, Connect:ELBA

Brief description (of the partner):

East London Business Alliance (ELBA) are a leading business and social mobility charity founded in east London in 1989. They build connections between businesses and communities across London by tackling the issues that determine social mobility and community wellbeing while drawing on their time, skills and expertise to transform places and spaces, build the capacity of east London based organisations and support east Londoners to reach their potential.

ELBA offers its members a broad range of Corporate Social Responsibility activities and offers the east London community the chance to access the time, skills and expertise of corporate volunteers.

What happened during the partnership?

In 2018, ELBA and The Challenge delivered 18 Professional Visits and workshops in collaboration with 15 leading companies and 98 volunteers for 177 young people.

Each year, ELBA partner with The Challenge to deliver a series of two-hour professional visit and pitch preparation sessions. The sessions are facilitated by ELBA staff and are extremely popular with their member companies. ELBA is in the unique position of being able to offer access to up to 70 leading City and Canary Wharf based companies, including Nomura, State Street, Accenture and Morgan Stanley. ELBA plan to continue working with The Challenge to deliver a series of sessions each summer across, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Newham, Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge and Havering, with the aim of growing and expanding each year.

While the professional visits are a great opportunity for the young people they also offer a chance to influence City and Canary Wharf worker’s impression of young east Londoners. The sessions are also extremely popular with the member companies’ volunteers and ELBA has already received a series of requests from partners for sessions working with groups of young people from The Challenge in 2019.

“The professional visits are an opportunity for the young people to visit some of the world’s biggest and most successful organisations and to find out what it is like to work there. We believe that every east Londoner has the right to the career path of their choosing and should be encouraged to aspire to work in the City or Canary Wharf should they choose to do so. These sessions demonstrate that this is an achievable goal. The sessions are also a chance to practice pitching and presentation skills with the support of leading professionals.

Jonathan Tait, Programme Manager - Connect:ELBA

“ELBA enjoy an excellent working relationship with The Challenge. The two organisations have been collaborating since 2014, delivering a total of 92 workshops. The ELBA Team have found The Challenge to be both extremely efficient and highly diligent in their approach to running the NCS programme. Their young people always arrive at the workshop in high spirits and are extremely engaged throughout the sessions. It is clear that they are enjoying the programme and are learning a great deal. This provides an ideal foundation for ELBA staff members to deliver effective workshops.”

Jonathan Tait. Programme Manager - Connect:ELBA

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