Manchester Central Library

Manchester Archives, Siobhan

1.5 million visitors come to Manchester Central Library every year. Our volunteers are able to mix with lots of different people from diverse backgrounds, age groups and cultures. We have many events in the library and often our volunteers will interact with guests.

I am continually surprised at how passionate young people are about current affairs around the world.

Siobhan, Manchester Archives

On our LGBT week project one of our young people is researching the relationship between religion and the LGBT community. Another is doing a blog on the relationship between the armed forces and the LGBT community. So even in their work they are thinking about different groups of people. Volunteers also mix with other young people on all of our projects. This can benefit young people as it can change their perspective.

How have your impressions of young people changed since taking on volunteers?

I am continually surprised at how passionate young people are about current affairs around the world. They take things more seriously than you expect.

Do you think Young People will benefit from taking part in HeadStart? And how?

I hope so. I think they are able to work on their time management, creativity, teamwork skills, communication skills and confidence. They learn how to work alone, how to use their initiative and they are able to understand how a workplace works.

How do you think volunteering helps a Young Person get ready for an interview/part time job/applying for university or college?

Volunteering helps a young person get ready for their future by developing their confidence. It gives them experience in being in a work environment and it shows them that there are rules to follow.

What has been the highlight of your HeadStart experience?

Some of the young people have been amazing, they have really made me smile.

Do you have any constructive feedback for HeadStart?

Some young people don’t know when their sessions are, but I am sure you have told them.

What advice would you give to young people wanting to take part in HeadStart?

Go ahead and do it! Try something new, never say no. You don’t know what you might learn until you try it.

Give your time. Get ahead.

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