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From the moment they arrived to the moment they left, every single volunteer put 100% into their efforts, proactively seeking out jobs they could be doing.

Liam McDevitt, Community Bridge Builder at Haringey West

Brief description (of the partner):

For nearly 50 years, St Mungo’s has been at the forefront of efforts to tackle homelessness. St Mungo’s outreach teams go out each night to meet people who are homeless and to help them off the streets. With 17 outreach teams, they are one of the largest providers of outreach services in the country. Each night they offer a bed and support to more than 2,800 people across the south and south-west. St Mungo’s believe that people can – and do – recover from the issues that cause homelessness. They work to prevent homelessness and support people at every step of their recovery from homelessness.

The issue that the partnership covered

As of March 2018, Haringey had the third highest levels of homelessness in the country, with five in every 1,000 residents in Haringey being homeless, a rate which is higher than the London average. The pressures on people who are struggling have been exacerbated in recent years by changes to the welfare system, rising private sector rents. Haringey also has high levels of severe and enduring mental illness compared to London and England, with associated risk factors of unemployment, economic deprivation and poor quality housing, being high in Haringey compared to London and England. These issues are more prevalent in the east of the borough where, despite the name, St. Mungo’s Haringey West is based.

What happened in the partnership?

The Challenge has partnered with St Mungo’s in Haringey as a community partner since 2013 on both the summer and autumn programmes. After initial visits to meet the clients and service users and to plan the activities, the teams have helped to co-produce and co-facilitate summer community events for St Mungo’s service users. The young people socialised with clients, prepared the outdoor spaces, decorated the indoor spaces, provided supplies, prepared food and helped to man the barbecues on the day.

The Challenge is continuing to support St Mungo’s in Haringey to help address and tackle the issues of homelessness and mental health in Haringey. In 2019 The Challenge is partnering with St Mungo’s Haringey West on two social action projects.

Quotes from the partner

All present agreed that their contribution had been invaluable and that the events could not have gone ahead without the help and input of the NCS volunteers! The money that was raised by our summer teams went towards essential items needed to help run and maintain the various projects across West Haringey.

Liam McDevitt, Community Bridge Builder at Haringey West

From the moment they arrived, to the moment they left, every single volunteer put 100% into their efforts, proactively seeking out jobs they could be doing, following instruction well, and interacting fantastically with clients and St Mungo’s staff in a manner that belied their young ages. Everyone present commented on what an excellent job they had done and the residents are all extremely excited at the prospect of having a useable outdoor space! Combined with the money that was raised by our team, the impact that they have had on West Haringey cannot be overstated. I honestly do not feel that I can do justice to the efforts made by the team, their leader, and Samantha.

Liam McDevitt, Community Bridge Builder at Haringey West

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