WHAG, Sharon

HeadStart and NCS benefits young people because it gives them experience of the real world. It is an eye opener, it allows them to see how other people live and what support they might need. It also gives them an insight on what they may want to do as a career.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how much our volunteers love interacting. My perception has changed.

Sharon, WHAG

How have your impressions of young people changed since taking on volunteers?

Before HeadStart/NCS my impressions of young people were not good but since I have been taking on volunteers I have been pleasantly surprised at how much they love interacting. My perception has changed.

Do you think Young People will benefit from taking part in HeadStart? And how?

A lot of young people will benefit from HeadStart. They will be doing things for the first time. They will develop computer skills and people skills.

How do you think volunteering helps a Young Person get ready for an interview/part time job/applying for university or college?

Volunteering helps young people work on their confidence which will help them when it comes to interviews, working and going to college and university.

What has been the highlight of your HeadStart experience?

Having Issy here, she is really positive, always smiling and never moans.

Do you have any constructive feedback for HeadStart?

Keep sending young people our way. One at a time though, there was talk of us taking on two young people this year but I don’t think we would have enough tasks for two people.

What advice would you give to young people wanting to take part in HeadStart?

Do it, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Give your time. Get ahead.

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