Emily Sanderson, NCS Graduate

Emily Sanderson

I really enjoyed getting out into the community and doing good things.

Emily Sanderson, NCS Graduate, North-West NCS

Emily’s group, Team Sugar, chose to work with the elderly for their Social Action Project (SAP) and in turn raised money for the charity Age UK. Here’s her story.

What did you do for NCS?

We originally thought about holding a concert, talent show, busking, backpacking or raffle to raise money. Then we came up with the idea of a tea dance for the elderly. Following conversations with Age UK where they advised us on how our money could be spent, we decided on a project that involved bridging the generation gap and building relationships with the elderly. We raised money via whatever means we could and then spent it visiting a care home and entertaining them for a day.

We ended up doing more than 30 hours on our social action project! Luckily we had a good team who were up for a mucking in the extra hours. We visited a care home on Tuesday, providing tea, sandwiches and scones. We also played games and did some colouring in with them. On Wednesday, a group of three from within our group went to Garstang to join the elderly at the Age UK lunch club, to see what our donations would go towards. We later presented the Age UK representatives in Fleetwood with a big cheque.

The community’s reaction was really positive, particularly when we offered them raffle tickets to support Age UK which was nice to see. The elderly in the care home was really happy to see us and share our company, as were those at the Garstang lunch. Age UK was really grateful for our donation.

What was your favourite part of NCS?

My best memories were getting to know my team, making great friendships that I know will last, the great laughs we had, and of course all the activities we did our first week. I will never forget the last night at Lakeside, and the chilled nights at Rossall. Fundraising was also great fun. I really enjoyed getting out into the community.

I can definitely say that doing NCS has pushed me and made me a better person. At the same time, it’s provided me with an amazing, fun, exciting, hilarious and memorable 3 weeks.

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