Ivelina Mladenova

It’s motivating to know my boss is willing to take time from their busy schedule to train me. It makes me feel valued which makes me want to work.

Ivelina Mladenova

Social enterprise MakeShift is a community of entrepreneurs, architects and designers who transform underused spaces into amazing places that inspire community, creativity and enterprise.

Its aim is to empower local people and independent businesses to grow stronger, together. They appointed an Accounting apprentice in September 2016, who now acts as the finance ‘number two’.

Apprentice Ivelina Mladenova was appointed in August 2016 having completed her A Levels. The Step Forward Accountancy course prepares apprentices for an AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting hear how she enjoyed her time at Make Shift and what lessons she learnt.

Ivelina’s perspective

Aged 18, Ivelina is taking the apprenticeship to gain strong work experience before deciding what her next steps will be.

She says that real-world experience has opened her eyes.

So far I have really enjoyed being exposed to the real world of work. I have learnt a lot about finance, business and problem solving from my manager, something I know I wouldn’t have been able to learn at university. I have been able to find attributes of myself I didn’t know existed.

I would recommend completing a year’s apprenticeship to everyone leaving school as it makes you more mature and you earn while you learn, getting tons of experience from day one.

Ivelina Mladenova, Step Forward

Like her manager, Ivelina also recognises the benefits of getting as involved as possible.

The more you get involved with the company and complete your tasks efficiently and accurately, the more they will trust you. You would be able to get a lot more from your job. It’s very motivating to know my boss is willing to take some time from their busy schedule to ‘train’ me each week, teaching me new things. It makes me feel valued which makes me want to work.

Ivelina Mladenova, Step Forward