Justine carter

Justine Carter

Justine Carter is from Birmingham. She went on The Challenge’s NCS programme when she was 15. She now works for The Challenge as a sales calling agent for the NCS programme.

You can do it!

Justine Carter, NCS

How did Justine find out about NCS?

Justine told her mum about an NCS presentation by The Challenge at a school assembly – however, none of her friends were going, so she wasn’t keen. Together mother and daughter attended the information evening to learn what to expect from NCS and her mother could see its potential.  Despite Justine’s reluctance, her mum signed her up and Justine believes her path in life was changed.

A few weeks later she was packing her bags and with trepidation, she found herself in Cumbria.  She says she mainly grew up with people of Jamaican and African backgrounds, but now found herself living with and building positive connections with people from other backgrounds, white English, Irish and Muslims.

What does Justine do now?

Today she says The Challenge’s NCS programme built her confidence. She found the mentors incredibly inspiring. They motivated her, saying “you can do it!” and she pushed her boundaries in new ways. Having been adamant during the first phase of the programme that she was not getting in the water, within days she found herself voluntarily immersed to help her team build a raft, and discovered “it wasn’t as scary as I thought!”.

She developed a new self-belief which also extended to public speaking as she presented to dignitaries on behalf of her NCS team – as a result, she can now confidently present to colleagues at The Challenge, and recently spoke eloquently to a gathering of 500 employees.

What are the benefits of NCS?

The benefits of NCS saw her push her physical and mental boundaries, adapting to different backgrounds and personalities, growing in independence and she credits it with giving her the confidence to live and work abroad for three years.

She also made two friends with whom she remains in close contact with today. Staying in a university setting on the programme encouraged her to consider further education, she found herself quizzing her mentor about his experience at university.

No one in her family had previously had the opportunity to study for a degree, she feels her NCS experience at a formative age opened the door to this world of opportunities. Today Justine works for The Challenge in Manchester, talking to potential participants and inviting them to experience NCS for themselves, while she is simultaneously studying for her degree in marketing at Manchester University.

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