Khalad Miah

Khalad Miah

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and you need to focus on the skills you're gaining rather than the job offer.

Khalad Miah, HeadStart

What did you do on HeadStart?

I volunteered 16 hours at Frenford Youth Club and I was initially interested in getting the job interview which is why I joined HS. Volunteering allowed me to see what it was like to work in a professional environment, to see what goes into working and the amount of work that is put into having and maintaining a job. This really helped me at my trial shift, I wanted to speak to as many people and make myself memorable. It was my first time volunteering and this was also my first ever interview.

What skills did you learn on HeadStart?

I gained a lot of skills from HeadStart, I know how to communicate better and I am more professional. Before, if someone was rude to me, I’d be rude back to them, but now I know that’s an immature approach and I’ve changed my.way of thinking; I am also more confident. I also attended the essential interview skills workshop with Goldman Sachs. I found the essential interview workshop really helpful as it helped me understand the type of questions they might ask and what was expected of me. I was really surprised to find that the interview was quick and easy for me, I didn’t feel stressed or worried, I just wanted to do my best. It was my first time ever doing an interview and that’s when I realised that volunteering actually helped.

I am so happy I passed the job interview as it’s my first job ever and I really love it at Nando’s, I’ve been working at Nando’s for around 3 weeks now.

What advice would you give to someone starting HeadStart?

Just go for it. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and you need to focus on the skills you’re gaining rather than the job offer. I just gave it everything I had and now I’m working!

Khalad Miah

Give your time. Get ahead.

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