Robert Austin, NCS Graduate

Robert Austin

The highlight was seeing what a difference we made to the people who need and rely on this place. Impact

Robert Austin, NCS Graduate 2018, Newcastle

What did NCS do for you?

My social action project was renovating a space called ‘The Cottage’ for people with different needs: whether disabled or able. From the start, it was clear it was in need of more than a little TLC – the kitchen was falling apart, the walls needed repainting and the carpet … that definitely needed to go!

After a week of hard work, it all paid off. People who used The Cottage couldn’t believe they were coming back to the same place.

What was your favourite part of NCS?

The highlight was seeing what a difference we had made to the people who relied on this place. There were even tears (of joy!) and they couldn’t thank us enough.

If you are in doubt about whether to sign up, my advice is to do it! Definitely do it.

It only costs £50 to take part in something that’s fun, where you make new friends and is memorable for a lifetime.

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