A sense of belonging

A Sense of Belonging

This essay collection, published in partnership with the Fabian Society and Bright Blue think tanks, includes thought pieces on social integration from a range of leading voices on the topic, including: Dame Louise Casey, author of the 2016 Casey Review into integration and opportunity, Chuka Umunna MP, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Integration, and Lord James O’Shaughnessy, former director of policy and research for prime minister David Cameron.

We are facing a crisis of social solidarity. To tackle it, we must make rebuilding community a truly national, cross-party mission.

A Sense of Belonging (Chuka Umunna)

Key contributions

  • In ‘We need to talk about women’, Dame Louse Casey argues that by unlocking the potential of women we can tackle persistent gender and race inequalities.
  • Chair of the APPG on Social Integration, Chuka Umunna MP, says in ‘The ties that bind’ that we are facing a crisis of social solidarity and that, to tackle it, we must make rebuilding community a truly national, cross-party mission.
  • Suella Braverman, Conservative MP for Fareham, writes in her essay on ‘Striking the balance’ that we need to find a middle ground between permissiveness and respect so that modern Britain can overcome division to become united.
  • In ‘Learning to live together’, Professor Ted Cantle CBE says we need a new, positive national story of living together with a difference, and a pro-active strategy of integration in communities, schools and workplaces.
  • Former director of external affairs and operations at The Challenge, Jon Yates, argues in ‘Creating spaces for a common life’ that we need new institutions to bridge the growing divides between us, to replace the previous common life based on churches, trade unions and membership groups.
  • Alex Smith, CEO and founder of The Cares Family, explains in ‘A shared future’ that young and old have much to gain from each other, and that bridging the generation gap strengthens our common bond.

“By uniting around our common values in a way that allows for and celebrates our differences but also guarantees our fundamental rights, we can start to provide a route map through the difficulties as well as the opportunities of our increasingly diverse nation.”

Dame Louise Casey

“Through developing a meaningful politics of social integration, we can craft a story of national renewal which draws upon and reinforces that which we have in common rather than that which divides us, and build a more empathetic, united and resilient country.”

Chuka Umunna MP

“Integration cannot be left to chance, as though it will somehow naturally develop – whilst there are clearly now more diverse areas, there is also evidence that polarisation has increased in some areas and in relation to some groups.”

Professor Ted Cantle CBE

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