Want to be sure of a job or a place at university? Then you need ‘The Challenge’ to gain the skills that you can’t master at school – the real world skills that employers and universities look for.

Week 1: Master Leadership Skills when you complete The Personal Challenge.  There’s nothing like abseiling down a cliff to teach you leadership skills.  And no team will get everyone across the obstacle course without mastering team work.

Week 2: Gain Management Skills when you face the Team Challenge.  No team will be able to complete their challenge (whether it’s running a gym, putting on a play, running a chef’s kitchen, setting up a business or putting on a gig) without being able to manage their time and manage their members.

Week 3: Excel at Communication Skills to make it in the Real Challenge.  You’re going to need to persuade others and present your ideas.  You’ll get all the training and you just might not recognise yourself by the end.

Week 1: The Personal Challenge: In your first week you’ll tackle the outdoor challenge course of your life.  Climbing, canoeing, abseiling. Test yourself. Take on your fears.Six days of intense activity with the best instructor’s you’ll ever meet.

Week 2: The Team Challenge: Spend your second week taking on a challenge in the real world.  Could you learn to run a gym? Could you write and perform a play? Could you make a video in a week for the big screen? Well, now’s the time to find out. We’ll give for five days, provide the training and then it’s up to you.



Week 3 and after: The Real Challenge:   Time to take over!  It’s your turn to design the challenge. Can you think bigger than us and come up something your team can do that everyone in your neighbourhood will be talking about? Having decided what to do, have you got the guts to make it happen over the next four months (spending two hours a fortnight)?